Few useful joinery tips. part 1

Blade Check
If your gluing work is less than successful, check your blades. If the blade in your saw is getting dull, it can loosen (but not remove) a layer of fibers on the edges to be joined. Later, glue may not be able to penetrate through this debris to solid wood, resulting in weak joints. A signal that this may be the problem is if ruptured joints are coated with fibersWhen clamping long or wide panels with bar clamps, a dowel inserted crosswise between the jaws of the bar clamps and the wood will help center the pressure and keep it uniform. Use dowels about as thick as the thickness of the wood you are gluing up.

Clamp secret.
Before you glue up wood for a project, examine the parts. If at all possible, start out with cleanly cut, perfectly straight boards of the proper thickness. Take out any bow or warp before you begin your gluing work. By using straight and true stock, you won’t have to force the boards in one direction or another, and you won’t have to get into tricky, complicated clamping set-ups. › Continue reading

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Kitchen worktops

Kitchen Worktop

Kitchen Worktop

There are many types of worktops possible to install by kitchen fitters in Leeds in your kitchen. Depend from material also prices are changing. I will describe some of types of worktops below.

Laminate Worktops

Laminate is very hard, fairly inexpensive, quiet easy to fit, also what is very important easy to clean and good hygiene-wise. Made by bonding compressed layers of resin-impregnated paper onto chipboard, these worktops are available in a hundreds of colours, surface designs and textures, like a wood, stone, and marble effect. › Continue reading

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How to care about your furniture.

It will be article about how to care about furniture.

  • Do not cut any things directly on the worktop
  • Always clean up water from worktop.
  • Use steam extractor when cooking.
  • Never stand hot pot directly on worktop.
  • Do not leave kettle under top units.
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Before kitchen fitting – working triangle.

Kitchen furniture design and fitting

Kitchen furniture design and fitting

When you start paln your kitchen furniture before kitchen fitting, try to incorporate the working triangle. This is based around the kitchen’s three main areas of food storage, preparation, cooking and washing. If you think of these main areas as the points of the triangle, the ideal kitchen layout maintains equal distances between each point, allowing for efficient food preparation. The more elongated and lopsided the triangle becomes, the more you will find yourself walking half marathon every time you want to boil an egg, make toast and have a cup of coffee or tea.

Couple advices about kitchen design and fitting.

  • Free-standing appliances are some times larger than those that are designed to fit under worktops, so check and make allowances in your plan.
  • In a well designed kitchen you should be able to walk past any appliance’s open door.
  • Recycling should be done in the kitchen, so you could create a waste bin system that incorporates separation of recylables at source.
  • Children are an obvious consideration in the kitchen design, but remember they are not kids for long , and will move out eventually.
  • I think for island to work properly, it needs to be set in a considerable space, but islands are great to work from.

I wish you successful kitchen furniture installation

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